About CI

It represents the 'new taste of nature' and 'jump into a global company through win-win.'

The three colors of Cuckoo symbolize nature, fruition and win-win cooperation.

Cuckoo CI (Corporate Identity) expresses, as a company that manufactures food for well-being, the mission of labor and management to achieve fruitful cooperation and take off as a global company with the desire to convey the new taste of nature to our customers.

As a company that loves humans and nature, we will protect nature and strive to achieve abundant life for humanity by delivering pure and fresh tastes of nature to our customers with our utmost sincerity.

7, Daejesandan 6-gil (Daedeok-ri), Goesan-eup, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do,Korea (28023)
Business Registration Number : 615-86-16778
Mail-Order Sales Business Report Registration Number : 2018-충북괴산-0082
TEL : +82-43-833-1800 | E-mail : cuckoofood@naver.com

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