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About CI

Our CI symbolizes "the flavor of purity created by nature" and
"a leap forward as a global company through coexistence."

The meaning behind our company name

Cuckoo's name embodies our resolve to manufacture nature-friendly food to safely provide gluten-free, wellness foods based
on the philosophy of LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability), which pursues a sustainable, eco-friendly, healthy life.

The cuckoo is one of Korea's typical summer migratory birds that inhibit on all continents except Antarctica.
It is familiar to people all over the world and plays an important role in the myths and folk stories of many countries.
For example, in Greek mythology, Zeus transformed into a cuckoo and flew to Hera through wind and rain to bear the fruit of his love,
and in Hindu mythology of India, the cuckoo symbolizes fertility, hope, and a good harvest.

In addition, the cuckoo is a migratory bird that breeds in Korea and crosses the Eurasian continent to pass the winter in Africa,
with a total round trip distance of more than 20,000 km.
Our company name reflects our management’s will to leap forward as a sustainable global company in the
future by resembling the cuckoo’s prowess to survive, although we are a brand-new company.

Original CI

Cuckoo's first CI uses three colors (Green, Blue, and Yellow) to express its management philosophy of providing consumers with the natural texture and flavors of food from uncontaminated Goesan and creating a healthy and diverse food culture through continuous research. The two cuckoos appearing in the white space visualize our employees and management working in harmony to accomplish shining achievements.

Color System
R 0G 160B 65
C 84M 10Y 100K 1
Green, which embodies balance and harmony, provides a sense of stability and at the same time reflects the vitality of nature, delivering the natural texture and flavors of food to consumers and expressing our sincerity to use safe and fresh raw ingredients.
R 3G 76B 181
C 98M 58Y 0K 29
Blue, which represents trust and intellect, expresses our will to create a diverse, healthy and delicious food culture that allows consumers enjoy our food with trust through continuous research and development.
R 253G 208B 0
C 2M 16Y 100K 0
yellow, which appears brightest to the human eye, expresses Cuckoo's spirit of challenge and shining achievements accomplished through win-win cooperation between our employees and management, and the rounded curve symbolizes our attitude of pursuing a life in harmony with society.
R 255G 255B 255
C 0M 0Y 0K 0
The two cuckoos on a white background, which come from the unison of natural fresh raw ingredients, food customers can trust, and shining achievements, represent Cuckoo’s philosophy of sharing the corporate philosophy and working together to move forward.
CI Upgrade

We changed the blue color to green while maintaining the form of the current CI consistent. We simplified the color scheme so the two cuckoos on the white background are easily recognizable to customers.

Secondary CI

The red CI on Cuckoo's packaging boxes symbolizes endless passion and represents Cuckoo's energy behind our expansion to all over the world.

The meaning of Cuckoo's CI goes beyond providing consumers with healthy food they can enjoy
with peace of mind and embodies our desire to become a leader
of diverse food culture that people all over the world can enjoy together and to practice sharing
with our neighbors and local communities for shared growth.