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Cuckoo's continuous research to develop new products for the globalization of Korean food to provide safe and healthy food to the tables of people all over the world does not stop.

We operate a proactive prevention and
monitoring system for food safety management.

To create safe products that our customers can enjoy with peace of mind, we implement strict quality control quality
to the most stringent standards throughout the entire processes, from purchasing raw ingredients to production, packaging, and distribution.

Management of carefully selected raw ingredients

Our food safety management begins with the purchase of raw ingredients such as freshly milled rice, yellow rice, and 100% domestic salt, and the raw ingredients are always stored at a low temperature to maintain their freshness.

Post-verification of products during packaging and distribution

A thorough detection process of foreign substances by precise automatic packaging and visual inspection and X-ray inspection is adhered to under strict standards, and during distribution, our products are subject to periodic physicochemical and microbial safety verification.

Periodic production site analysis and inspection

We independently conduct approximately 70 microbial safety tests throughout the entire field production lines every month and in-house quality tests by hiring third-party certification agencies every quarter.

Post-verification of packaged products in distribution

We conduct monthly food safety training at our plants, thoroughly comply with food safety standards by periodic on-site training and production safety monitoring and assessment and improve our safety management system every year.

HACCP-certified plants

All Cuckoo plants have a hygiene management system in place in compliance with HACCP (Hazard analysis critical control point)* hazard management standards to prevent hazardous elements in food.

* A hygiene management system to prevent biological, chemical, and physical hazards from being mixed into or contaminating food at each manufacturing stage, from the production of raw food ingredients to consumption by the final consumer.

Our plants are ISO 22000 (food safety management) certified

We comply with ISO 22000 to ensure the safety of export products in compliance with the global standards.

We comply with ISO 22000 to ensure the safety of export products in compliance with the global standards. ISO 22000, established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) headquartered in Geneva, is an autonomous food safety management system that prevents and manages food hazards that may occur throughout the food supply chain, often expressed as “from farm to table.”