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Cuckoo's continuous research to develop new products for the globalization of Korean food to provide safe and healthy food to the tables of people all over the world does not stop.

“Flavors of Nature, Healthy Life”

To bring the taste of mom’s cooking to our customers’ dinner table, we have commercialized the traditional cooking methods to create delicious and healthy products using freshly milled rice.

Our goal is to provide differentiated value to our diet with our cutting-edge patented technology.

We use freshly milled rice

We use freshly milled, non-oxidized rice, not rice powder.

Korean traditional siru (steamer) method

Korean traditional steaming method using a step-by-step steaming process

Patented technology makes tteok (rice cake) stickier

Our patented technology removes air bubbles during the tteok-making process, making the tteok stickier and more delicious.

Clean vacuum packaging

Long-lasting freshness, thanks to the vacuum packaging

The taste of purity created by nature