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Product Info

Here are some of Cuckoo Foods signature products.


Goesan Fresh Water Rice Tteokguk 1kg
Goesan Fresh Water Rice Tteokbokki 500g
Cuckoo Delicacy, Garaetteok 700g
Star, Hearts, Clover-Shaped Rice Cake 350g~2kg
Snowman-Shaped Rice Cake (Joraengitteok) 350g~2kg
Cuckoo Sweet & Spicy Sauce 100g
Goesan Fresh Water Tteokbokki with Turmeric Powder 500g
Cuckoo Tteokbokki Red Spicy Sauce 80g
Cuckoo Tomato Tteokbokki 440g (340g tteokbokki rice cake, 100g dalmae sauce)
Cuckoo Oat Tteokbokki Rice Cake 440g (340g oat tteokbokki rice cake, 100g dalmae sauce)
Cuckoo Turmeric Tteokbokki 440g (340g rice cake + 100g sauce)
Cuckoo Premium Carbo Ginseng Tteokbokki 470g
Cuckoo Premium Mozzarella Cheese Tteokbokki 490g
Cuckoo Oat Tteokguk-tteok 700g
Goesan Farmer Rice Tteokguk 700g