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7 Entered the Thailand market
6 Participation in Bangkok, Thailand, 2024 Chungcheongbuk-do Excellent Product Exhibition Consultation
4 2024 K-Brand Korean Wave Marketing-linked agri-food promotion business company
New! Mealkit [Cuckoo Premium Carbo Ginseng Tteokbokki] & [Cuckoo Premium Mozzarella Cheese Tteokbokki] Released
3 Entered the New Zealand market
Mascot 'Birdie' development
12 Signed a sales contract with Vietnam’s ‘Eco Fruits’
6 Entered the Australian market
Obtain ISO 22000 certification
4 Designated as one of the “Global Small Giants 1,000+” by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
3 Entered the Hawaiian market
9 Entered the Indian market
Obtained organic processed food certification under the Eco-friendly Agriculture and Fisheries Act
Designated as a “Promising Export Small and Medium Business” by the Chungbuk Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration
3 Entered the Spanish and Swedish markets
2 Entered the American market
1 Signed a technology development agreement with Jeonju Agricultural and Life Materials Research Institute
12 “Goesan Pure Farmer’s Rice Tteokguk” and “Goesan Pure Farmer’s Sprouted Brown Rice Tteokguk” launched - Started selling products on Gongyoung Shopping TV broadcasts
Signed a central system contract with Nonghyup Hanaro Distribution
8 Began supplying products to Emart
Acquired general HACCP certification (‘small-scale’ → ‘general’ grade upgrade certification)
5 Entered the Italian market
3 Tteokbokki meal kit launched - “Cuckoo Tomato Rice Tteokbokki” and 3 other products
12 Entered the Canadian market
8 Launched “Cuckoo OatsTteokguk Tteok” and “Cuckoo TurmericTteokbokki ttoek”
Lanched “Cuckoo Dalmae Sauce”
7 Entered the Vietnamese market
9 Company's first Tteokbokki export (China)
10 Company-affiliated research institute recognized
9 Acquired Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP, small-scale HACCP) certification
6 Obtained patents for “Cold tteokguk manufacturing method” and “cold tteokguk manufacturing device”
Founded Cuckoo Foods & Beverage Corp.