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Cuckoo's continuous research to develop new products for the globalization of Korean food to provide safe and healthy food to the tables of people all over the world does not stop.

Cuckoo Technology Research Center’s food safety
and product development research activities

The center's mission is to operate a systematic and preventive food safety management system and
conduct continuous research to develop new products that will capture the tastebuds of people all over the world.

Research Center Overview

This research center is relatively new, founded in 2022. However, this center has contributed to guarantee the quality and safety of products based on the in-house technology by introducing and utilizing advanced food hygiene analytic devices and continues to research for the globalization of the taste of Korea by developing new technologies and techniques for tteok manufacturing.

Systematic food safety management system

  • Collection and analysis of domestic and international food safety information
  • Verification of conformity of new raw ingredients and prototype products to safety and standard
  • Research to improve nutritional quality of products
  • Microbial process inspection of production lines
  • Environmental monitoring of production sites and improvement activities
  • Providing HACCP and industrial safety training

Ensuring the highest quality and developing new products

  • To enhance the nutritional balance of processed foods, we continue our research efforts on the nutritional value of natural ingredients such as turmeric, oats, and yellow rice and design products that can improve our health.
  • Our continuous research focuses on localizing the tastes of Korea to reflect regional trends and develop a variety of standardized Korean food products that will captivate the taste buds of people all over the world.